Just because I was a fuck up last year doesn’t mean I’ll be consistent. Doesn’t mean I can’t change. People make mistakes, everyone does. We get tempted to do things the other way around, pick the wrong choices, forget responsibilities, and ignore priorities. I have dreams and goals in life too, and I actually have plans to achieve them. I never told anyone about it because people might think I’m being ridiculous and that I’m never gonna make it. And right now, I actually have the motivation and hope to finally get things right again and show people that I fucking can. So please, don’t fuck my plans up and bring me down now. Give me a chance, help me struggle, or better yet, shut up. Because you saying all this shit to me is seriously not helping and just making me want to rebel. But you know what? Fuck you. This is my life and I will fucking give you hell and show you real shit and shove my success up your face when I get there. Thanks.

but people doesnt evaluating my blog :D thanks,im so happy ^^ :sorry for my terrible English im Georgian and…: i hope u could understand my gramar and spell XD

I hate how we can’t properly reply to replies here on Tumblr ;_; Haha.

Aww. It’s okay. Your grammar and spellings are still understandable! :D Well I remember reblogging many stuff from you and I just checked your blog :> It’s great. Haha. I’m happy too :> I mean someone I follow complimenting my blog, it’s flattering! Haha. Thank you!

Building up the urge to draw because I suck.

What am I doing. I should be savoring my summer and hibernating for the next semester, but nooo. Awake for two days now, whilst back pain. Uh.

I’m hearing some opera shit at my back. Is my little brother seriously watching some opera shit. What the fuck.

It’s 8:30am already and I’m still not sleeping yet.

Dafuq is wrong with me ._.

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